The moment you step in, a palm tree, harrogate patterned tiles and a glass ceiling will give you a warm welcome.

The tiny house was build in 1890 in a traditional Dutch way, with beautiful ornaments on the roof. Rumor has it the tiny house served as a carriage house (Koetshuis) for decades. As such, a bit further on the Overtoom (the main street) a large countryhouse is hidden behind closed gates.

The name ‘The Palamedes’ derives from its streetname ‘Palamedesstraat’ and has several meanings in literature studies. In Greek mythology, Palamedes was the son of Nauplius and Clymene. He joined the Greeks in the expedition against Troy. Pausanias says (in his description of Greece) that in Corinth there is a Temple of Fortune to which Palamedes dedicated the dice that he had invented. Well, let’s see this tiny house in Amsterdam as a small temple as well. On the ground floor, you can find a studio offering all ingredients for a perfect getaway to re-energize! Together with the help of architects an stylists, we did our utmost best to create a nice atmosphere and make you feel welcome.

Hoping to see you very soon!